Ford NSeries tractor

The Ford N-Series tractor production started june 29 1939 with the model 9N. The 9N production modell introduced a three point hitch system on American made tractors, though, this design is still used in most of the modern tractors. The productions model’s name 9N was taken from the last digit of the year 1939. It was first demonstrated in Dearborn Michigan in the late June.

The legendary Ford N-Series was designed to be a general purpose tractor to suit different purposes in small farms. The model had also a transmission with three speeds and also foot pegs instead of running boards. The exhaust was also routed under the tractor, which was unique. All the first 9N model tractors were painted dark grey.

The model 9n was later on updated with the models 2N (1941), 8N (1947) and NAA model. The 8N modell became the most popular tractor in the North America.


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