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Erzincan earthquake

In the 27th December 1939 at 1:57 a natural disaster hit the province of Erzincan […]

Oslo Report

In November 2dn Physicist Hans Mayer hands over the Oslo Report on German weapon installations […]

Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project is presented to the United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt in October […]

First Rounds in WW2

World War two begins at 04.45 September the first, when German battleship Schleswig-Holstein commences a […]

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz was released in August 26 in the year 1939. It was […]

Snow in New Zealand

The first ever recorded snowfall in New Zealand’s Auckland snowed in july 27 in 1939 […]

Ford NSeries tractor

The Ford N-Series tractor production started june 29 1939 with the model 9N. The 9N […]


Batman made his first appearance in a comic book 01.05.1939 created by Bob Kane and […]

Strange Fruit

Billie Holiday records Strange Fruit, which is the first anti-lynching song. The song was released […]

Timeless Test

Timeless Test is the longest game of cricket ever played. The game started in South […]

Golden Gate International Exposition

The Golden Gate International Exposition was a World’s Fair that celebrated San Francisco’s two newly […]


Hewlett-Packard Company was founded 1.1.1939 by Bill and Dave. The name of the company was […]